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Removal of the top lever


It is more convenient to work together at a viewing ditch.

We raise a jack a forward part of the car. We put under a frame longeron a rack of factory manufacturing with a permissible load not less than 2 t.
We remove a wheel (see. Removal of wheels).
We remove the top spherical support (see. Replacement of the top spherical support).

Head «on 22» we turn on on some turns bolts of fastening of an axis of the lever.

We take away an axis from an arm and we take out from under an axis adjusting brackets, having written down their number and an arrangement.

We turn on bolts and we take out from under an axis adjusting washers, also having written down their arrangement.

We remove a bracket from the interior of a longeron.

We remove the lever together with an axis.

Replacement сайлентблоков without special adaptations is impossible, therefore we recommend to replace the lever assembled.
We establish the lever in return sequence, having put adjusting washers and brackets on former places.
We check corners of installation of wheels on HUNDRED.