Sable car GAZ-2752, 2217, 2310>> Forward suspension bracket>> Replacement of the bottom spherical support

Replacement of the bottom spherical support


We work at a firm equal platform.

We raise a jack a forward part of the car. We establish under a frame a rack, with a permissible load not less than 2 t.
We remove a forward wheel (see. Removal of wheels).
Under the bottom lever of a suspension bracket we establish a jack (better podkatny). We raise the bottom lever on some centimeters that the chipper of the top lever departed from an emphasis.

Rasshplintovyvayem a nut of the bottom spherical finger and flat-nose pliers is taken out шплинт from an opening.

Key «on 30» we turn on a nut of fastening of a spherical finger.

Key «on 17» we turn on three bolts of fastening of a spherical support to an arm of the bottom lever.

Hammer blows through other hammer beat out a spherical finger from an arm opening.

We take a rack of a forward suspension bracket aside …

… also we remove a spherical support.

We establish a spherical support in such sequence.
We insert a spherical support into an opening of a rack and we wrap three bolts of fastening of a support, previously having greased their carving with anaerobny hermetic. Turning a rack, we get a finger of a spherical support in an opening of the bottom lever. We lower the bottom lever that the support finger completely entered into a landing opening a little. We wrap a nut of a spherical finger, we tighten also shplintuy it.