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Adjustment of bearings of a nave


We remove a wheel cap (see. Removal of wheels).

Tubular key from a regular set or a key «on 50» we turn on a nave cap.

Thin flat-nose pliers rasshplintovyvay nave nut.

Dinamometrichesky natural a head «on 36» smoothly we tighten a nave nut the moment 5–8 кгс.м, at the same time turning a wheel for self-installation of rollers in bearings.

We turn on a nut on one cut of a crown and zashplintovyvay it.
After adjustment the wheel should rotate freely, without clicks, jammings and люфта.
Finally we check correctness of adjustment, having passed on the car of 8-10 km without intensive braking. Heating of a nave above 70 °C (the hand does not suffer) is inadmissible. In this case it is necessary to repeat adjustment. If after that the nave is heated, it is necessary to find out and eliminate the heating reason: a lack of greasing, damage of bearings, jamming of pistons of brake cylinders (see appropriate sections).