Sable car GAZ-2752, 2217, 2310>> Forward suspension bracket>> Removal of the bottom lever

Removal of the bottom lever


We remove a spring of a forward suspension bracket (see. Replacement of a spring of a suspension bracket).

Key «on 32» we turn on both nuts of an axis of the bottom lever.

Heavy hammer through a pro-rate we beat out an axis …

… also we take out it.

We remove the lever.

Holding bolts a key «on 17», we turn on two nuts a key «on 19» …

… also we disconnect parts of the lever from the bottom cup of a spring.

One of bolts – shaped. It is an emphasis of a course of compression of a suspension bracket.
Replacement сайлентблоков levers without special adaptations is inconvenient, therefore we recommend to replace the lever assembled.
We establish the lever in return sequence.