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Replacement of a spring of a suspension bracket


We work at a viewing ditch at a firm equal covering of a floor.

We remove a forward wheel (see. Removal of wheels).
Under a frame we establish a rack of factory manufacturing with a permissible load not less than 2 t and height about 600 mm.
We remove the shock-absorber (see. Shock-absorber replacement).
We disconnect the bottom end of a rack of the stabilizer from the bottom lever of a suspension bracket (see. Replacement of the stabilizer of cross-section stability and its rubber elements).
We substitute under a spring cup a jack and slightly we compress a spring that the chipper of the top lever departed from the emphasis and fixing connections unloaded.

Key or head «on 32» we turn on a lock-nut and we weaken an inhaling of a nut of an axis of the bottom lever that сайлентблоки the bottom lever had possibility to be turned on an axis.

Key «on 12» we turn on two bolts of fastening of the rubber buffer of the bottom lever.

We remove the buffer.

Holding a bolt of fastening of an arm of the bottom spherical support to the bottom lever a head «on 22», we turn on its nut a key «on 24».

We take out a bolt.

Carefully lowering a jack, we release a spring...

... also we take out a spring …

… and its laying.

We replace both springs at the same time. Thus pay attention to marking of number of group of rigidity of a spring on the direct end of its basic bottom round.

Number is designated by one, two, three or four risks.

In a suspension bracket it is necessary to establish springs of only one group.
At installation we focus a spring so that the direct end of a basic round coincided with deepening in the bottom cup of a spring.