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Replacement of bearings of a back wheel and semi-axis cuff


We substitute under forward wheels an emphasis.
We release the parking brake and we reduce brake shoes (see. Adjustment of a drive of the parking brake).
We remove a back wheel (see. Removal of wheels).
We take out a semi-axis (see. Semi-axis removal).

Head from a regular set «on 62» we turn on a lock-nut …

… also we take out it from a nave.

By hook or thin flat-nose pliers it is taken a key washer.

Head «on 62» we turn on and we remove a nut of bearings.

Pay attention: it is established by a pin outside.

Having pulled on itself, we remove a nave together with a brake drum, bearings and a cuff from a semi-axis casing.

We take out an internal ring of the external bearing with rollers.

By screw-driver it is hooked and we take out a cuff …

… and remote ring.

We take out an internal ring of the internal bearing with a separator and rollers.

In hammer blows through a drift from soft metal we beat out external rings of external and internal bearings …

… also we take out them.

By kerosene or diesel fuel it is washed out an internal cavity of a nave, a corbel under a cuff on a casing of a semi-axis and other details.
We grease seats of bearings with transmission oil. In hammer blows through a pipe piece from soft metal of suitable diameter we press external rings of new bearings. We grease Litolom-24 rollers and a separator of the internal bearing and we put it in an external ring.
Having established a remote ring …

… and using an old cuff as an opravka, we press a new cuff, having greased its edge of Litolom-24.

We establish a nave on a semi-axis casing then we establish an internal ring with rollers of the external bearing, having greased rollers of Litolom-24. We wrap an adjusting nut and we regulate bearings (see. Adjustment of bearings of wheels).
We establish a semi-axis then we fill with oil a wheel nave (see. Oil replacement in a reducer).