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Zadny Bridge

1–brake drum;
3–nave cuff;
4–persistent washer;
5–semi-axis casing;
6–nave bearings;
7–nut of bearings;
9–semi-axis flange;
12-box of satellites of differential the right;
13-bolt of a box of satellites;
14-basic washer of a gear wheel;
15, 19 – semi-axial gear wheels;
16-basic washer of the satellite;
18-axis of satellites;
20-box of satellites of differential the left;

21-case of the back bridge;
23-nut of bearings of differential;
24-differential bearing;
25-a conducted gear wheel of the main transfer;
29-flange of a leading gear wheel;
32, 34 – bearings of a leading gear wheel;
33-rasporny ring;
35-adjusting ring;
36-leading gear wheel;
37-reducer case;
39-lock plate.

Design description

On the car the rigid back bridge in the form of the beam consisting of a case of the back bridge and casings pressed in it of semi-axes is established. The main transfer with differential form a reducer which is established in an opening of a case and it is fixed by bolts. Such design of the bridge carries the name "banjo".

The main transfer – gipoidny, an axis of a leading gear wheel is displaced down concerning an axis conducted on 42 mm. Transfer number of the main transfer – 4,556.

The leading gear wheel is executed at the same time with shaft and established on two roller conic bearings. The pretightness of bearings is regulated by the rasporny ring established on a shaft between bearings. The provision of a leading gear wheel rather conducted is set by the adjusting ring placed between a gear wheel and its internal bearing.

The conducted gear wheel is attached by bolts to a box of satellites of differential and together with it is established on two roller conic bearings. The pretightness of bearings is set by adjusting nuts and them it is possible to change the provision of a conducted gear wheel rather leading.

The box of satellites of differential consists of two parts connected by bolts. In it two axes of the satellites, four satellites and two conic semi-axial gear wheels with basic washers are established.

The shlitsevy ends of semi-axes enter into shlitsevy openings of semi-axial gear wheels. On the opposite ends of semi-axes flanges which are connected to naves of back wheels by means of ten hairpins with nuts are executed. Each nave is established on a casing of a semi-axis of the back bridge on two roller conic bearings. Their pretightness is regulated by nuts, navernuty for the carving ends of casings. In a nave five bolts to which nuts the back wheel with a brake drum fastens are pressed.

The back bridge is greased with the transmission oil which has been filled in in a case in volume of 3,0 l. Bearings of wheels are greased with the same oil arriving in naves from a case on casings of semi-axes. From an effluence oil is kept by the rubber cuffs established on a shaft of a leading gear wheel and in naves. For prevention of increase of pressure in the bridge at its work on the left side of a case it is established сапун.