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Dismantling of the kardanny hinge


Having washed out kerosene of a detail of the hinge...

... we mark their mutual situation.

Hooking a screw-driver, carefully we remove lock rings of bearings.

It is more convenient to disassemble the hinge a special stripper.

At its absence vypressovyvay the bearing in a vice, for this purpose...

... we select from pieces of pipes or rings of old bearings a persistent ring and an opravka.

The hinge is clamped in a vice so that the opravka settled down from a butterdish and vypressovyvay bearings.

We remove from a crosspiece vypressovanny bearings and we deduce a crosspiece axis from a fork of an intermediate shaft.

If necessary similarly vypressovyvay the second pair of bearings (cuffs should remain in cases of bearings) and we take out a crosspiece.
At installation of the new hinge we clear its details, washing away konservatsionny greasing.

Each bearing we wash separately not to mix a needle. At end faces of cuffs there should be facets, they can be made a small file.

Having dried up the washed-up details, we put on cuffs crosspiece thorns so that mainsprings were turned towards gryazeotrazhatel. We fill in a little oil in glasses of bearings and we put on them a crosspiece. Now we remove three of them together with cuffs, and the fourth (the next to a butterdish) – we leave.
If a detail of the hinge we do not change, we establish the bearing on near to a butterdish a thorn of a crosspiece and we put on it a lock half ring.
Further assembly both new, and the hinges which were in operation we carry out in such sequence:

The free thorn of a crosspiece is entered into a fork eye, and then an opposite thorn with the bearing put on it and a lock ring – in an opposite eye.

A free thorn we put on the bearing, having entered it into a fork eye.

Having convinced that both bearings are sent to fork openings, we put between a sponge of a vice and a fork eye a persistent ring, we clamp the hinge in a vice and we reduce sponges of a vice, pressing both bearings of an axis of a crosspiece.

We press bearings to a contact of a lock ring of the near bearing to a butterdish with a fork eye.

We put on the second lock ring the opposite bearing.

Both half of the hinge it is collected equally, but do not forget to keep the mutual provision of forks, being guided on the labels made before dismantling.

Assembling other hinges, we establish crosspieces so that butterdishes of all hinges settled down in one plane and on one party of the hinge.

Good advice

The adaptation for dismantling of kardanny hinges

1–bolt М14х70;
2–top basic plate;
3–coupler (2 pieces);

4–bottom basic plate;
5–nut М12 (2 pieces);
6–pipe pieces with internal diameter of 29 mm.

The adaptation for dismantling of kardanny hinges

Dismantling of any kardanny hinges will be simpler and more convenient if to use the adaptation shown in drawing. The distance between basic plates gets out depending on the sizes of the hinge.

Greasing is better, than oil

Kardannye hinges of all cars GAZ are traditionally greased with transmission oil. It is not so convenient, it is necessary often шприцевать connection. Fill bearings with greasing No. 158 and it will be possible to forget about their existence for a long time.

Crosspiece — to develop

When at repair of kardanny transfer you will find out that wear of a crosspiece is insignificant and it still will serve, develop it on 180о round one of axes of thorns and collect the hinge in such situation. Thorns will begin to work with not worn-out party and the knot resource almost will double.