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Dismantling of kardanny transfer


As kardanny transfer отбалансирована at plant, at each its dismantling and the subsequent assembly it is necessary to keep the initial mutual provision of shaft. Otherwise at movement of the car there can be a vibration.

That at assembly of a shlitsa of a shaft of an intermediate shaft and a shlitsevy fork occupied former situation, we do labels by paint or a chisel on a pipe of an intermediate shaft …

… and shlitsevy fork of the average hinge.

Screw-driver we unbend a ledge of the lock washer located in a shlitsevy fork.

Having inserted into a fork a vorotok or a screw-driver, we hold the hinge and a key «on 13» we turn on a bolt on three turns.

We take out a P-shaped plate.

Copper hammer or through a pro-rate we force down a fork from shliyets of an intermediate shaft.

Finally we turn on a bolt with a lock washer.

Striking with a shlitsevy shaft of an intermediate shaft about a wooden lining, we force down an intermediate support...

... also we take out from it protective rings.

Before assembly of kardanny transfer we put Litol-24 greasing in deepenings of a protective ring from the party turned to the driveshaft, and we insert a ring.

We put CV JOINT-4 greasing on a shlitsa of an intermediate shaft.

Opravka made of a pipe (diameter approximately equal to diameter of an internal ring of the bearing of an intermediate support), napressovyvay a support on a shlitsa of an intermediate shaft against the stop.

We put greasing on the other side of the bearing and we put on the second protective ring.

We establish a sealing ring in a pro-point of a fork of the back driveshaft.

We wrap a bolt with the lock washer put on it in a shaft end face, previously having greased with several drops of hermetic a carving opening.

Having put on a zakhodny part of shliyets of a forward shaft a hermetic corbel in width of 10 mm...

... we establish a fork, having combined earlier put labels.

We insert a P-shaped plate under a lock washer so that the ledge on a plate entered into a hollow of a shliyets of a fork, and a short mustache on a lock washer – in plate cut.

We turn and tighten a bolt.

We stop a bolt, having unbent on its side a ledge of a lock washer.