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Removal of kardanny transfer


If movement of the car was not accompanied by the vibrations caused by kardanny transfer, at the subsequent assembly it is necessary to keep earlier existing position of the driveshaft concerning a transmission and the back bridge. For this purpose we include any transfer in a box.

We mark with a chisel or a file the provision of a forward fork (gryazeotrazhatel) of the kardanny hinge concerning the transmission extension piece …

… and a back flange of kardanny transfer concerning a flange of the back bridge.

Key «on 13» we turn on two nuts of bolts of fastening of an intermediate support, holding bolts a key «on 12».

Key «on 17» we turn on four nuts of bolts of fastening of kardanny transfer to a flange of a leading gear wheel of the main transfer, holding bolts a key «on 14».

Having shifted kardanny transfer back, we deduce a shaft of a sliding fork from the extension piece of a back case of a transmission and we remove kardanny transfer.

To exclude dirt hit in a transmission and leakage from it of oil, we stop up an opening in a case with pure rags.

We establish kardanny transfer in return sequence, combining the made labels.