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Survey, check and greasing of kardanny transfer


First of all we examine driveshafts and forks – cracks, dents or other deformations are inadmissible.
The polished surface of a sliding fork should not have signs of development and jamming traces. On shlitsa of a sliding fork, a secondary shaft of a transmission, and also the back hinge there should not be traces of corrosion and wear signs.
We examine a support – otsloyeny rubbers from fittings, cracks and gaps here are not allowed. The bearing of a support should rotate easily, without jammings and люфта.
On the removed kardanny transfer it is possible to estimate a condition of hinges without their dismantling.

We shake each hinge in the different planes.

Should not be appreciable люфта along an axis of thorns and jammings. In case of need it is possible to measure a radial gap in bearings of crosspieces by the indicator. For this purpose we clamp in a vice for crosspiece bearings one of hinge forks.

Having pressed an indicator leg to a free eye of other fork, we shake it round a driveshaft axis.

Люфт more than 0,1 mm it is inadmissible. It testifies to wear of the hinge and need of replacement of bearings and crosspieces. At wear of openings in eyes of forks driveshaft replacement assembled is required.
Having cleared of dirt a press butterdish, by a syringe it is forced in the hinge transmission oil.

Thus its surplus should leave from under cuffs of all four bearings.

If oil somewhere does not leave, and the hinge is serviceable, it needs to be touched – the lubricant channel, the valve of a butterdish got littered or one of cuffs was come off by a spring.