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Kardanny transfer

1–secondary shaft of a transmission;
2–stalebabbitovy plug;
3–extension piece of a back case of a transmission;
4–a gryazeotrazhatel of a sliding fork;
5–a sliding fork;
6–bearing case;
10-gryazeotrazhatel of an intermediate support;
11-intermediate support;
12-bearing of an intermediate support;
13-protective rings;

14-shlitsevy fork;
15-lock washer;
16-fork of the back driveshaft;
17-fork flange;
18-back driveshaft;
20-P-shaped plate;
21-ring sealing;
22-intermediate driveshaft;
23-fork of the intermediate driveshaft;
24-lock ring;
25-press butterdish;
26-cuffs of the extension piece of a back case.

Details of kardanny transfer

1–a shaft of a sliding fork;
2–a gryazeotrazhatel of a sliding fork;
3–a sliding fork;
4–fork of the intermediate driveshaft;
5–intermediate driveshaft;
6–gryazeotrazhatel of an intermediate support;
7–intermediate support;
8, 10 – protective rings;
9–bearing of an intermediate support;
11-shlitsevy fork;
12-P-shaped plate;

13-lock washer;
15-fork of the back driveshaft;
16-back driveshaft;
17-flange of a leading gear wheel of the main transfer;
18-back kardanny hinge;
19-needle bearing;
20-lock ring;
22-sealing ring;
23-crosspiece cuff;

Design description

Kardanny transfer consists of the intermediate driveshaft, an intermediate support, the back driveshaft and three kardanny hinges.

The intermediate driveshaft is executed from a steel thin-walled pipe. To a back end face of an intermediate shaft the shaft with external shlitsa, and is welded on a forward end face — a fork to which via the kardanny hinge the sliding forward fork with an internal shlitsevy opening and a gryazeotrazhatel fastens. The forward fork is inserted by a shaft into the extension piece of a back case of a transmission and enters into gearing with shlitsa of a secondary shaft. At work of a back suspension bracket there is a longitudinal shift of kardanny transfer. Thus a shaft, moving on shlitsa of a secondary shaft of a transmission, compensates these shifts. Shlitsevoye connection is oiled, filled in in a transmission case.

The intermediate support represents the rubber goffered element; from within to it привулканизирована the steel plug in which the closed ball bearing is pressed, and outside — an arm. The layer of rubber interferes with transfer of vibrations on a body and allows moving of kardanny transfer along a longitudinal axis of the car. The arm of an intermediate support bolts fastens to a frame cross-piece. The bearing of a support does not demand leaving throughout all term of its service.

The back driveshaft is executed from a steel thin-walled pipe on which end faces forks are welded. Via the kardanny hinge to a forward part of a shaft the shlitsevy fork of the average hinge fastens. It is put on a back shlitsevy part of an intermediate shaft after an intermediate support and fixed from shifts on shlitsa by a bolt with a lock washer.

The flange is attached to other part of the back driveshaft through a crosspiece of the hinge with an aligning corbel. It fastens four bolts to a flange of a leading gear wheel of the main transfer.

The Kardanny hinge consists of forks and a crosspiece with four closed needle bearings. Needle bearings are pressed in coaxial openings of forks and fixed in them by spring lock rings. In each bearing 20 rollers (needles) in diameter of 2 mm are established. Needles are made with high precision, picked up for this bearing assembled with a crosspiece and for different bearings are not interchangeable. Therefore is inadmissible to replace only a crosspiece or bearings. All set is replaced assembled, even at damage at least one bearing. The press butterdish is screwed in a crosspiece. From it the oil forced by a lubricant syringe, on internal channels arrives to bearings. Oil is kept in the bearing by a rubber cuff with a spring. At "shpritsevaniye" of the kardanny hinge the spring is stretched and surpluses of oil are squeezed out outside.