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Transmission removal


We work at a viewing ditch together.

We merge oil from a transmission (see. Oil replacement).
We disconnect from a transmission kardanny transfer (see. Removal of kardanny transfer).

In a cabin, having hooked a shlitsevy screw-driver, we lift the goffered cover of the lever of gear shifting.

Screw-driver or to small beards we hook the locking plug.

We remove the top part of the lever together with a cover.

We unclench two screw-drivers sectors of the rasporny plug and we remove the plug.

We remove a rubber pillow …

… and locking plug.

For convenience of the subsequent assembly we establish details of the top lever in his internal cavity in sequence, return to removal, and we fix them the locking plug.

By screw-driver it is turned on six саморезов …

… also we remove a floor sealant.

We remove a protective cover.

Hand or пассатижами we turn on a cap …

… also we take out the lever.

From below the car we disconnect from a transmission a cable of a drive of a speedometer (see. Replacement of a drive of a speedometer) and tips of wires from the switch of light of a backing (see. Replacement of the switch of light of a backing).

Key «on 13» we turn on two nuts of a bolt of fastening of reception pipes, holding a bolt with a key «on 12».

Key «on 14» we turn on two bolts of fastening of an arm to a transmission.

We remove an arm together with rubber washers.

Key «on 19» we turn on four nuts of fastening of a transmission to a coupling case.

We establish an emphasis under the power unit …

… or we put whetstone between a case of coupling and a cross-piece of a forward suspension bracket, or a head of the block of cylinders and a body.

We turn on two nuts of fastening of a transmission to a cross-piece and we remove a cross-piece (see. Replacement of support of the power unit).

Carefully shaking and displacing a box back, we remove it.

Be careful, the transmission weighs about 32 kg!

We establish a transmission in return sequence, previously having cleared a shlitsa of primary shaft and having put on them CV JOINT-4 greasing.