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Oil replacement


Oil from a transmission we merge right after a trip while it did not cool down.

We establish the car on the lift or a viewing ditch.

Six-sided key «on 12» we turn on a stopper of a drain opening...

... also we merge oil in wide capacity in volume not less than two liters.

If the fulfilled oil dark цвета* or in it metal particles are appreciable, we wash out a transmission for what we wrap a stopper, having cleared its magnet of steel shaving. Then …

… a six-sided key «on 12» we turn on a stopper of a jellied opening.

The oil syringe filled in in a box about one liter of a mix of transmission or engine oil (70–80 %) with kerosene or diesel fuel (20–30 %) and we wrap a stopper of a jellied opening.

Having substituted under forward wheels an emphasis, we hang out a back wheel or the bridge entirely. Having included the first transfer, we start up the engine for 2–3 minutes.
Having established the car on wheels, completely we merge flushing oil (duration plum not less than 5 mines). We clear once again a stopper of a drain opening and we wrap it. Having turned out a stopper of a jellied opening, an oil syringe we fill a transmission with fresh transmission oil (1,2 l). We wrap a stopper of a jellied opening.

* Oil can have dark color not only as a result of wear process of details, but also is primary, for example, at additives of a disulfide of molybdenum or graphite.