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Removal of disks of coupling

Control of provision of the ends of petals of a diafragmenny spring

1–pro-rates in thickness of 8 mm;
2–press disk;



We remove a coupling case (see. Removal of a case of coupling).

Key «on 12» we turn on six bolts of fastening of a casing of coupling, holding a flywheel from a provorachivaniye a screw-driver inserted between its teeths.

We remove a conducted disk and a coupling casing.

After dismantling of a detail of coupling it is necessary to wash out in kerosene and to examine. On a surface of disks cracks, teases and deep furrows are not allowed. In the presence of the last we replace a flywheel and a casing assembled. The conducted disk with worn out to the rivets, jarred on, having cracks, a zamaslivaniye and traces of burning by slips is replaced. Vystupaniye of the ends of petals of a diafragmenny spring we supervise with use of pro-rates (see drawing).
When moving the ends of petals on 8,5 mm down the course of a press disk up should be not less than 1,3 mm, otherwise we change a casing couplings ("basket") assembled.
On a case any cracks and chips are not allowed.
At assembly we put on rubbing surfaces of a fork, the coupling, pushers and shlitsa of a shaft greasing
We establish disks in such sequence:

We insert aligning opravka into the forward bearing of primary shaft of a transmission.

We put on an opravka a conducted disk.

On the one hand the nave of a disk acts less, than with another. The disk should be turned by this party to a flywheel.

We establish a coupling casing (fixing openings in a casing and a flywheel coincide only in one situation) and we wrap bolts of fastening of a casing the demanded moment (see. Appendices).

We take out an opravka. We establish into place a case and the working cylinder of coupling, a transmission and the driveshaft.