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Replacement of the pump of cooling liquid


We merge cooling liquid (see. Replacement of cooling liquid).
We remove a radiator (see. Radiator removal).

Key «on 12» we turn on three bolts of fastening of a pulley of the pump, if necessary keeping him from a provorachivaniye an assembly shovel.

We remove a drive belt (see. Replacement and adjustment of a tension of a belt of a drive of auxiliary units).

We remove a reflector and a pulley.

Key «on 27» we turn on the union of a bringing tube of a heater.

Screw-driver we weaken collars of the top …

… and bottom bringing hoses.

We remove the bottom hose from a pump branch pipe.

Six-sided key «on 6» from a pulley we turn on four screws of fastening of the case of the pump of cooling liquid.

Key «on 12» we turn on an additional bolt of fastening of the pump...

... also we remove the pump.

Between the pump and the block of cylinders sealing laying is established.

Key «on 24» we turn out from the case of the old pump the union and we wrap it in the new pump, previously having put on a carving hermetic.

Before installation of the pump we check serviceability of the bearing: its roller should rotate without люфта and jammings.
We establish the new pump in return sequence, having replaced laying with the new.