Sable car GAZ-2752, 2217, 2310>> Cooling system>> Radiator removal

Radiator removal


Operations are shown on the car with the electrofan of system of cooling. On the car with the mechanical fan of work are carried out similarly.
We merge cooling liquid (see. Replacement of cooling liquid).
We remove facing of a radiator and the top panel (see. Removal of a lattice of facing of a radiator, Removal of the top panel of facing of a radiator).

We disconnect a block of wires of the electrofan …

… and two tips of wires from the sensor of its inclusion.

Having weakened an inhaling of collars, we remove the top …

… and bottom hoses from radiator branch pipes.

We disconnect a parootvodyashchy hose from a radiator.

We remove a radiator from the car.

Under a radiator rubber pillows are established. If necessary we replace them.

Key «on 10» we turn on four nuts of fastening of a casing of the electrofan.

We remove the electrofan with a casing.

Key «on 30» we turn on and we remove the sensor of turning on of the electrofan.

Under the sensor the rubber sealing ring is established.

Shestigrannik «on 8» we turn on and we remove a cap.

Key «on 17» we turn on and we remove the drain crane of a radiator.

Key «on 10» we turn on a nut of fastening of an arm …

… also we remove an arm and details of its fastening from a radiator.

We establish a radiator on the car in return sequence.