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Removal and thermostat check


We merge cooling liquid (see. Replacement of cooling liquid).
Screw-driver having weakened an inhaling of screws, …

… we disconnect wires from sensors of the index of pressure …

… and signaling device of emergency pressure of oil.

We disconnect tips of wires from sensors …

… overheat …

… and the index of temperature of cooling liquid.

Key «on 12» we turn on a bolt of fastening of a cover of a head of the block and we take aside a hose of the vacuum amplifier of brakes.

Screw-driver we weaken an inhaling of collars and we disconnect parootvodyashchiya …

… and the top hose of a radiator from the thermostat case.

Having hooked a pricker a spring bracket, …

... we disconnect a block of wires from the temperature sensor for the control unit.

We weaken an inhaling of a collar of the bottom hose of the case of the thermostat (facing of a radiator is for descriptive reasons removed).

Shestigrannik «on 6» we turn on two bolts of fastening of the case of the thermostat to a block head.

We remove the thermostat case.

Between a head of the block and the thermostat sealing laying is established.

By thin flat-nose pliers it is taken out a sealing wire from an opening of an external bolt.

Key «on 12» we turn on two bolts of fastening of a cover of the case of the thermostat …

… also we remove from the case a cover.

We take out the thermostat from the case.

We remove from the thermostat a rubber sealing ring.

We lower the thermostat in transparent capacity with the water which has been heated up to 100 °C.

The thermostat should open completely the top (main) valve and block bottom (bypass). In process of water cooling the thermostat should close the main valve. At 80 °C the top (main) valve should be closed completely.
The faulty thermostat is replaced.
We establish the thermostat in return sequence.