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Replacement of cooling liquid


Work should be carried out only on the cold engine.

We turn on a stopper of a broad tank and we open the heater crane.
We put on a branch pipe of the drain crane a hose of suitable diameter.

Having lowered a hose of the drain crane of a radiator in capacity (volume not less than 10 l), we open the crane and we merge cooling liquid.

Having removed a hose from the radiator crane, …

… we put on it the crane located on the left side of the engine.

We merge cooling liquid from a shirt of cooling of the block of cylinders.

We close drain cranes.

Screw-driver we weaken collars and we remove bringing hose from a branch pipe of the crane of a heater.

Similarly we remove taking-away hose from an electropump branch pipe.

We blow system of heating by the compressed air (it is possible to use the tire pump).

We connect the removed hoses and we tighten collars.

Not to spill liquid, we insert into a broad tank a funnel and slowly, with a continuous stream it is filled in in it cooling liquid.

If liquid leaves a tank slowly, several times we compress taking-away hose of a radiator.

Having filled a tank to the put level, we start up the engine, we warm up to working temperature and we let's work 3–5 mines on various modes – from idling to 3000 mines–1. If in the car the additional heater is established, we turn on the electropump. Let's to the engine cool down, we check level of cooling liquid. If necessary we add liquid and we establish a stopper on a tank.