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Cooling system

System of cooling of the engine

I–heating system with one heater;
II – heating system with two heaters;
1–drain crane of system of cooling;
2, 3 – cranes of heaters;
4–the electropump of system of heating (for an additional heater);
5–radiator of an additional heater;
6, 7 – radiators of heaters;
8–block of heating of the inlet pipeline;
9–broad tank;

11-the sensor of the index of temperature of cooling liquid;
12-the sensor of a signaling device of an overheat of cooling liquid;
14-crane (or stopper) drain opening of a radiator;
16-belt of a drive of auxiliary units;
17-the pump of cooling liquid;
18-main valve of the thermostat;
19-bypass valve.

Scheme of operation of the thermostat

The main valve is closed

The bypass valve is open


Design description

Cooling system — liquid, the closed type, with compulsory circulation. The pump provides a constant stream of liquid through a shirt of cooling of the block and a head of the block of cylinders then liquid passes through the thermostat and a radiator, giving warmly to air. The cooling shirt, the pump, the thermostat and a radiator form a big circle of circulation. Tightness of system is provided with the valve in a stopper of a broad tank which supports superfluous pressure in system on the hot engine (at the expense of it temperature of boiling of liquid raises and its losses decrease by evaporation). The valve opens at pressure decline in system (on the cooling-down engine).

The radiator of a heater of a cabin, and also radiator of an additional heater is included in system of cooling (for vans with two rows of seats and buses) and the electropump of system of heating (for cars with two rows of seats and buses).

In system of cooling of the engine the heating of the inlet pipeline is provided. Besides, on the case of the thermostat sensors of the index of a temperature condition of the engine and a signaling device of an overheat of cooling liquid are established.

The pump of cooling liquid — centrifugal type, is placed in a forward part of the block of cylinders and is brought from a pulley of a cranked shaft by a poliklinovy belt. Redistribution of streams of liquid the thermostat with two valves operates: the main and bypass. On not heated-up engine the main valve is closed and all liquid circulates on a small circle, coming back at once to a cooling shirt (passing a radiator). It accelerates warming up of the cold engine.

At temperature of 80-84 °C the main valve starts to open, passing a part of liquid on a big circle, and bypass — is closed.

At temperature of 94 °C the main valve opens completely, and bypass is completely closed and all liquid circulates through an engine radiator.

The amount of the liquid passing through a radiator of a heater, does not depend on the thermostat and is regulated only by the heater crane.

The fan — with a shestilopastny plastic krylchatka. The.krylchatka of the fan is given in rotation by a poliklinovy belt from a cranked shaft is established on a pulley of the pump of cooling liquid. On a part of cars the electrofan can be established. The sensor of turning on of the electrofan is established in a radiator tank.

Radiator — tubular and tape, aluminum, with lateral plastic tanks. Tanks are connected to a radiator skeleton through rubber sealing laying by a way of compression of basic plates on flanges of tanks. On tanks and the top plate of a skeleton of a radiator there are arms for radiator fastening to cabin plumage (body). On right on a car course a tank in the lower part there is a stopper or the crane for plum of cooling liquid.

The broad tank — plastic, is connected by hoses to a branch pipe bringing cooling liquid from the radiator to the engine, with a branch pipe of the thermostat and with the left tank of a radiator. On a tank the label of MIN showing the bottom admissible level of cooling liquid in a tank is put. The broad tank is closed by a carving stopper with the valve supporting optimum pressure in system of cooling.

On the left side of the engine the crane for plum of cooling liquid from a shirt of cooling of the block of cylinders is located.