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Adjustment of the starting arrangement

Scheme of the starting arrangement

1–rod of the diafragmenny mechanism;
2–left part of the dvuplechy lever of the starting arrangement;
3–spring of closing of an air zaslonka;
4–coupling screw of the dvuplechy lever;
5–a ledge on the right part of the dvuplechy lever;
6–the lever on the forward end of an axis of an air zaslonka;
7–the closing lever on the back end of an axis of an air zaslonka;
8–draft of the starting arrangement;

9–intermediate lever;
10-air zaslonka;
11-a carving head on the draft end (for early models of the carburetor);
12-adjusting screw emphasis butterfly valve priotkrytiya;
14-the channel of a supply of depression to a diaphragm of the starting arrangement;
And, B, In – gaps;
To – a lever 9 ledge.


We remove the carburetor from the engine (see. Carburetor removal).
Having slightly opened a butterfly valve, we take away the lever of the starting arrangement against the stop to the left …

… also we fix it in this situation by a wire.

In round calibre (for example, a drill) we check a gap And between an edge of a butterfly valve and a wall of the mixing chamber.

The size of a gap should be 1,5–1,8 mm. If the gap does not correspond to norm, …

… пассатижами (or a key «on 8») we weaken an inhaling of a lock-nut and, rotating a screw-driver the screw emphasis, we establish a demanded gap.

The screw emphasis has a figured head.

The plane of a head should remain the perpendicular plane of a cam of the starting arrangement. Therefore we turn the screw either on a half of turn, or on the whole quantity of turns.
At the control lever turned against the stop the starting arrangement and completely closed air zaslonka …

… The shchupy we measure a gap of B between levers on an axis of an air zaslonka. It should be within 0,2–0,8 mm.

For gap adjustment …

… a screw-driver we weaken the screw of fastening of the unprofitable lever on a cam of the starting arrangement.

At a bigger gap we move the superimposed lever up, and in the absence of a gap – down (within a cut under the fastening screw).

On carburetors of early releases a gap regulate change of length of draft of a drive of an air zaslonka. For this purpose on draft the carving head is established.

Having drowned G-shaped the starting arrangement, a drill we check a gap In between the bottom edge of an air zaslonka and a diffuzor wall. It should be 6±1 mm.

For gap adjustment …

… we weaken an inhaling of the screw which is pulling together half of the dvuplechy lever.

Changing the mutual provision of half of the lever, we establish a demanded gap and we tighten the screw. We check a gap and if necessary we repeat adjustment.