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Adjustment of level of fuel


We establish the car on a horizontal platform.

We remove the case of the air filter (see. Removal of the case of the air filter).

Thin flat-nose pliers rasshplintovyvay the bottom end of draft of a drive of an air zaslonka also we disconnect draft from an unprofitable control lever the starting arrangement.

By screw-driver it is turned on seven screws of fastening of a cover of the carburetor, …

… we uncover …

… and cardboard laying.

The lever of a manual drive of the fuel pump we pump up fuel in the poplavkovy chamber of the carburetor.

By depth gage of a calliper we measure distance between the top plane of the case of the poplavkovy chamber and fuel level. It should be 20–23 mm.

For adjustment of level we remove a float (see. Carburetor dismantling).

Level of fuel is adjustable a podgibaniye of a uvula of a float.

If level remains above norm, means the needle valve if level is lower is not tight, the float is not tight or the fuel pump is faulty.
We check tightness of a float, having lowered it in water. If thus from it air vials are allocated, we replace a float. Tightness of the needle valve we check, having established a float into place. Having pulled for a float up, we close the valve and we pump up fuel the pump. The tight valve should not pass fuel. The faulty valve is replaced (see. Carburetor dismantling).
We establish a carburetor cover in return sequence.