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Idling adjustment


System of idling we regulate on purpose to provide steady turns of the engine idling with the minimum maintenance of an oxide of carbon (WITH) and hydrocarbon (SN) in the fulfilled gases.
For idling adjustment the carburetor has …

… the quantities screw reducing or increasing quantity of a toplivovozdushny mix, arriving in the engine, …

… and the qualities screw intended for correction of structure of a mix.

At plant on the qualities screw напрессован a plastic restrictive cap. He does not allow to break factory adjustments.
Without having a gas analyzer, the quantities screw of a mix and the qualities screw with the limiter it is possible to "arrange" only idling turns, essentially without changing thus composition of the fulfilled gases.
Adjustment we carry out on the engine, heated-up to working temperature of cooling liquid of 80-90 °C, with adjusted by ignition and gaps in a drive of valves (see appropriate sections) at completely open air zaslonka.
Rotating adjusting screws, we expose on a tachometer frequency of rotation of a cranked shaft 750±50 mines-1 idling with the included powerful consumer of an electric current (a headlight in a mode of a driving beam).
If a restrictive cap to adjust idling does not allow, with a screw-driver we crack a cap and we repeat adjustment with gas analyzer use. This operation we recommend to carry out for HUNDRED.