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Removal and dismantling of the fuel pump


Shlitseva a screw-driver we weaken a collar and we remove a hose from the bringing union of the fuel pump.

That fuel did not follow from a hose, we insert into it bolt М8 and we tighten a collar.

Having weakened a collar, we disconnect taking-away hose.

Head «on 12» we turn on two bolts of fastening of the fuel pump, …

… we remove the pump and laying.

We mark the mutual provision of a cover and parts of the case of the fuel pump.

By Shlitseva a screw-driver it is turned on two screws …

… also we uncover.

We remove sealing laying.

We remove the mesh filter.

By screw-driver it is turned on eight screws, pulling together case half.

We separate half of the case of the pump.

Key «on 8» we turn on a rod nut, holding sliding пассатижами the top washer of a membrane.

We remove the top washer, three membranes, the bottom washer and a spring.

If membranes are damaged only, we replace them and we assemble the pump in return sequence.
For complete dismantling of the pump …

… we remove from a rod a persistent washer of membranes...

… and basic washer of a spring.

Key «on 9» we turn on two screw caps.

To thin small beards we beat out an axis of the lever of a drive of the pump.

We take out the drive lever, the plug of the lever and a spring.

We take out a rod with a sealant.

In case of damage we replace a rubber sealant.
To assemble the pump it is more convenient in such sequence:

we establish on a rod a persistent washer, a spring, membranes and washers of membranes.

We tighten a nut of their fastening.

We establish a rod with membranes in the case of the pump and, having drowned a rod, we insert the lever with the plug and a spring.

The fork of the lever should enter into gearing with a rod.

Further assembly of the pump we carry out in return sequence. At a wraparound of the screws connecting half of the case, we combine labels and we draw in the lever of a manual drive up that membranes caved in, and openings of membranes and the case were combined.

Having clamped a finger a target branch pipe, the lever of a manual drive we create pressure, having lowered the entrance union of the pump in fuel. Having sustained 10–15 with, we release a finger. Fuel should scatter from a target branch pipe.

Otherwise we tighten the screws connecting the case and a cover of the pump, and anew we check serviceability of the pump.
If to restore operability of the pump in such a way it was not possible, we replace the pump in collecting or the top part of the case with valves.
We establish the pump in return sequence.

In use the engine it is necessary to supervise lack of a podtekaniye of fuel from a drainage opening of the fuel pump and in due time to replace the damaged membranes.