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Removal of a fuel tank


It is more convenient to work together.

We disconnect tips of wires from the sensor of the index of level of fuel and hoses from a toplivozabornik (see. Removal of the sensor of the index of level of fuel and a toplivozabornik), we establish under a tank capacity of the corresponding volume.

Holding with a key «on 30» a tank branch pipe, a key «on 24» we turn on a stopper and we merge fuel in capacity.

By Shlitseva a screw-driver it is turned on two screws of fastening of the hatch and an arm of a jellied mouth.

We take out a fixing plate.

Holding a tank, a head «on 17» we turn on nuts of fastening of collars of a tank.

We take out hooks of collars from openings of longerons of a frame.

Carefully we remove a fuel tank, watching to touching with a bulk mouth body details.

We establish a tank in return sequence. Under collars we establish cardboard laying.