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Assembly of shatunno-piston group


All details of shatunno-piston group share on category and individually steal up to each other. Tables of dimensional groups of pistons, cylinders of the block, fingers and rods, and also the amount of interfaces see in Appendices.

Designation «406» on the piston specifies that it is intended for ZMZ-406 family engines.

On the bottom of the piston two designations are beaten out. On a letter put with paint on the new block, the piston steals up to the cylinder.

At repair with boring of cylinders demanded gaps are provided in the course of boring and a honingovaniye under in advance acquired pistons of the repair size.
Pistons (on diameters of openings in lugs), rods (on diameter of an opening in the top head) and piston fingers (on external diameter) share on four groups marked with paint: I–white, II – green, III – yellow, IV – red.
On a finger number of group is designated by paint on an internal surface or an end face. It should coincide with the group specified on the piston.

The Roman figure specifies demanded group of a piston finger.

On a rod group number too is designated by paint. It should either coincide, or to be the group next to a finger.

The finger greased with engine oil should move with small effort in a rod head, but not drop out of it.

We heat up the piston to temperature of 60-80 °C. We enter a rod head between lugs of the piston and we press the piston finger greased with engine oil.

To press a finger it is possible a copper hammer, holding the piston on weight, or the special adaptation.

After assembly the ledge on the bottom head of a rod should be from the same party, as an inscription "BEFORE" on the piston.

We fix a piston finger in piston lugs lock rings.

We check piston rings. Established in the cylinder on depth of 20-30 mm kompressionny rings should have a gap in the lock of 0,3-0,6 mm, maslosjemny – 0,5–1 mm.

We put on rings the piston.

Having opened the lock of a dilator of a maslosjemny ring, we put on a ring the piston, we enter into the bottom flute and we reduce the lock.

We put on a dilator a maslosjemny ring. A corner between ring and dilator locks at not folding ring 45 °, at the folding – 90 °.

We put on the bottom kompressionny ring an inscription "TOP" to the piston bottom.

By the last it is put on the top kompressionny ring.

Rings it is turned so that locks of kompressionny rings were from the opposite sides of the piston, and the lock of a maslosjemny ring was located at an angle 90 ° to locks of kompressionny rings.