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Dismantling of a cranked shaft


Dismantling of a cranked shaft is required before polishing of his necks and for replacement of an asterisk of a drive of the gas-distributing mechanism.
Stripper we press the cuff plug.

If the stripper is not present, we force down the plug in easy blows through a brass opravka.

Having beaten out a shponka from a shaft flute...

... we hook a screw-driver and we remove a rubber ring.

We press an asterisk a brass opravka.

Having hooked a screw-driver, we take an asterisk shponka.

After polishing of necks of a cranked shaft by a bolt with a head «on 14» and zakontrenny nuts we turn out caps.

Channels for oil pass in cranked to a shaft it is carefully cleared of deposits and the abrasive remains.
We wash out channels of a cranked shaft kerosene, gasoline or diesel fuel and we blow the compressed air.

We wrap caps of oil channels.

To small beards zakernivay edges of caps.

We collect a shaft in return sequence.

Napressovka asterisks and couplings the shponok in a groove of a cranked shaft is begun with installation corresponding.