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Engine removal

Engine removal assembled with auxiliary units


It is more convenient to work together – at a viewing ditch or the lift.

We disconnect ignition and the storage battery.
We remove a cowl (see. Cowl removal) and its support.
We remove a bumper (see. Removal of a front bumper).
We remove an engine mudguard (see. Removal of a mudguard of the engine).
We merge oil from the engine (see. Replacement of oil and oil filter).
We merge oil from a transmission (see. Oil replacement).
We merge cooling liquid (see. Replacement of cooling liquid).
We disconnect from the engine hoses of systems of cooling and heating (see appropriate sections). We remove from the car a radiator of system of cooling together with hoses (see. Radiator removal).
We disconnect bringing hose from the fuel pump and a taking-away hose from a carburetor branch pipe (see. Removal and dismantling of the fuel pump, carburetor Removal).
We disconnect drafts from the carburetor and EPHH system hoses (see. Carburetor removal, System of an ekonomayzer of compulsory idling).
We disconnect tips of wires from temperature sensors (see. Replacement of sensors of the index of temperature and overheat signaling device).
We disconnect a tip of a wire of "weight" and a hose of a supply of depression to the vacuum amplifier from the inlet pipeline (see. Removal of the inlet pipeline, Removal of a final collector).
We disconnect tips of wires from the generator (see. Removal and generator repair) and a starter (see. Starter removal).
We remove a reception pipe of final system (see. Replacement of reception pipes).
We remove a transmission (see. Transmission removal).
We remove the working cylinder of a hydraulic actuator of coupling from the engine (see. Removal of the working cylinder of a hydraulic actuator).
The cable reliably fixed the engine for assembly eyes (eyes) to a paw of the lift or a hook of the elevating mechanism.
Quickly including the lift, we pull a cable.
We disconnect the engine from lateral support (see. Replacement of support of the power unit).
Having turned on the lift, we raise the engine over support.
Having unscrewed eight bolts, we remove a cross-piece from a frame together with support.
Lifting the engine the lift and at the same time rolling away the car back, we deduce the engine from a motor compartment. Thus it is necessary to hold the engine that it did not damage a wire and a detail.
We establish the engine in return sequence.
If there is no reliable equipment, or its design such is what to raise the engine in assembled form to them it is impossible, then partially we assort the engine on the car for the purpose of its maximum simplification and reduction of the size on height.