Sable car GAZ-2752, 2217, 2310>> ZMZ-4063 engine>> Removal of a head of the block of cylinders

Removal of a head of the block of cylinders


We merge cooling liquid (see. Replacement of cooling liquid). We remove hoses from the thermostat (see. Removal and thermostat check).
We remove the generator with its top arm (see. Removal and generator repair).
We remove the inlet pipeline and a final collector (see. Removal of the inlet pipeline, and Removal of a final collector).
The head of the block of cylinders can be removed and assembled with the inlet pipeline.
We remove camshafts (see. Replacement of camshafts).

Six-sided key «on 12» we weaken an inhaling of ten bolts then we turn on and …

… we take out them …

… and washers.

We remove a head of the block of cylinders …

… and its laying.

Interfaced surfaces of a head and the block of cylinders it is carefully cleared of a deposit, the remains of old laying and hermetic.
We establish a head of the block of cylinders in return sequence. Lowering it on the block, we watch that it "sat down" on adjusting plugs. Laying of a head we rub with graphite (a soft pencil), and on a site of contact to a forward cover of the block we put from both parties heat-resistant hermetic.
Bolts of fastening of a head of the block it is tightened by a dinamometrichesky key in two stages, having greased a carving with engine oil and observing sequence of their inhaling (see drawing). Previously we tighten bolts the moment 5 кгс.м and it is final – 14 кгс.м.