Sable car GAZ-2752, 2217, 2310>> ZMZ-4063 engine>> Removal and installation of gidronatyazhitel>> "Discharge" of a gidronatyazhitel

"Discharge" of a gidronatyazhitel


We establish a gidronatyazhitel on the engine in the "charged" condition, having greased the channel in a head of the block and, if necessary, having replaced the damaged laying of a cover. After installation of a cover the gidronatyazhitel is brought into a working condition — we "discharge".
For this purpose...

... a key «on 12» we turn out a stopper from a cover of a gidronatyazhitel.

Screw-driver through an opening we press on a natyazhitel whom, "having discharged", вытолкнет a screw-driver.

We establish a stopper into place.

Similarly we establish the bottom gidronatyazhitel.