Sable car GAZ-2752, 2217, 2310>> ZMZ-4063 engine>> Removal and installation of gidronatyazhitel>> "Charging" of a gidronatyazhitel

"Charging" of a gidronatyazhitel


We reduce sponges of a vice, having left between them a gap of 19 mm.

Do not compress in a vice the case of a natyazhitel. Assorting at once two gidronatyazhitel, do not mix their plunzherny pairs as they are picked up with a certain gap.

Having established the case of a natyazhitel in a vice as in a key pharynx, a screw-driver with a wide edge...

... we turn out the valve.

We take out from the case a spring...

... and plunzher.

We wash out all details in gasoline or kerosene, we blow the compressed air and we grease with engine oil.

From a steel sheet in thickness of 0,8-1,0 mm we cut out a strip in width of 10-15 mm and length of 25 mm. Kruglogubtsami or on an opravka we bend it in a ring in diameter as at a plunzher.

We establish a plunzher in the case.

In need of a thin screw-driver it is corrected a lock ring.

The screw-driver pressed a bottom, utaplivy a plunzher against the stop.

By the made opravka it is fixed a lock ring in the case of a gidronatyazhitel.

In a plunzher we establish a spring, and the case – in a vice.

Overcoming resistance of a spring, we wrap the valve in the case of a gidronatyazhitel.

Screw-driver we tighten the valve, holding the case in a vice (as when dismantling) and we take out an opravka.

At correctly "charged" natyazhitel the plunzher should keep in the case.

That the gidronatyazhitel "was not discharged", do not press an acting end face of a plunzher, and after installation of a gidronatyazhitel to the canal of a head of the block — on a natyazhitel.