Sable car GAZ-2752, 2217, 2310>> ZMZ-4063 engine>> Replacement of oil and oil filter

Replacement of oil and oil filter


Work is more convenient for carrying out on a viewing ditch.

We substitute under a case wide capacity in volume not less than 6 l.

Key «on 24» we turn on a stopper of a drain opening.

We merge oil in the substituted capacity and we wrap a stopper into place. Duration plum — not less than 5 minutes.

The oil filter is remote from podkapotny space therefore we remove an engine mudguard (see. Removal of a mudguard of the engine) …

… also we turn on the filter.

If the filter is hardly tightened, for its dismantle …

… it is better to apply a special stripper.

In the absence of a stripper we punch the filter case to small beards or a screw-driver and, using them as the lever, we turn on the filter.

We grease laying of the new filter by engine oil.

Having filled the filter half with engine oil...

... navorachivay it on the union and after contact of laying with the block of cylinders we tighten hands on 3/4 turns.

Through a funnel we fill in in the engine fresh engine oil.
We start up the engine, we check absence of leakages of oil, if necessary we tighten not tight connections. After a stop of the engine we lead up oil level to norm and we establish an engine mudguard.