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ZMZ-4063 engine

Engine cross-section

1–case pallet;
3–oil pump;
4–roller of a drive of the oil pump;
5–cranked shaft;
7, 9 – conducted and conducting gear wheels of a drive of the oil pump;
8–cover of a drive of the oil pump;
10-piston finger;
12-laying of a head of the block of cylinders;
13-inlet valve;

14-inlet pipeline;
15-head of the block of cylinders;
16-camshaft of inlet valves;
18-camshaft of final valves;
19-cover of a head of the block of cylinders;
20-maslomerny щуп;
21-final collector;
22-final valve;
23-block of cylinders;
24-stopper of a drain opening.

Design description

The ZMZ-4063 engine – carburetor, four-cylinder, ryadny, four-cycle, with four valves on the cylinder and two camshafts in a block head. Operating procedure of cylinders: 1–3–4–2.

The block of cylinders — pig-iron, cylinders are chiseled directly in the block. Between cylinders channels for cooling liquid are executed.

The drive of auxiliary units is carried out by a poliklinovy belt with the tension roller located in a forward part of the engine.

To the back privalochny plane of the block of cylinders the coupling case fastens.

The power unit fastens to a car body on three support — two rubber pillows are placed from the right and left parties of the engine, the third support is established under a back case of a transmission.

The cranked shaft — pig-iron, cast, rotates in five radical bearings of sliding. Axial moving of a shaft is limited to four persistent half rings.

Rods — steel, shod, dvutavrovy section, the bottom (demountable) heads they incorporate to cranked shaft via shatunny bearings of sliding, piston fingers are inserted into the top heads. Fingers of floating type, i.e. they freely turn in lugs of pistons and in stalebronzovy plugs of the top heads of rods. Axial moving of a piston finger is limited to two lock rings established in pro-points of lugs of the piston.

Pistons — cast, from an aluminum alloy. On each piston two are established kompressionny and one maslosjemny rings. At work the piston is cooled with an oil stream through openings in the top head of a rod.

The head of the block of cylinders is cast from an aluminum alloy, in it pig-iron saddles and directing plugs of valves are pressed. Valves are put in action through cylindrical hydropushers therefore the drive of valves does not need adjustment of gaps.

Camshafts — cast, pig-iron, everyone rotates in five bearings of sliding. From axial shifts shaft hold the plastic half rings established in pro-points of forward covers and pro-points of forward basic necks of shaft. A drive of camshafts — chain, two-level (through an asterisk of an intermediate shaft). The tension of both chains is provided with the automatic hydraulic natyazhitel working from pressure in system of greasing.

System of greasing of the engine — combined: under pressure radical and shatunny bearings of a cranked shaft, piston fingers, support of camshafts, bearings of an intermediate shaft and the roller of a drive of the oil pump, hydropushers and screw gear wheels of a drive of the oil pump are greased. Other details are greased with a razbryzgivaniye. The oil pump — shesterenny, one-section, with a drive from an intermediate shaft. The oil radiator and the polnopotochny replaceable filter are built in system of greasing.

System of ventilation of a case — closed, compulsory, with removal of karterny gases through an oil separator in the carburetor.

On the engine the system of a retsirkulyatsiya of the fulfilled gases is established. It sends a part of the fulfilled gases to the inlet pipeline, than decrease in their toxicity is reached.

Cooling system — liquid, the closed type, with compulsory circulation. The pump of cooling liquid — centrifugal type, is given from a cranked shaft by a poliklinovy belt together with вентилятором*. The thermostat is built in system of cooling.

* the Part of cars (the bus into 6 passenger seats) is equipped with the electrofan of system of cooling.