Sable car GAZ-2752, 2217, 2310>> Diagnostics of malfunctions>> Storage battery

Storage battery

Cause of defect

Elimination method

The storage battery is discharged

The car a long time was not maintained

Charge the battery by means of the charger or on other car

The generator is faulty

See. Generator

Contact in electric chains is broken: weakened fastening of plugs of wires on conclusions of the storage battery, plugs or conclusions were oxidized

Smooth out the oxidized surfaces, cover with plastic greasing and tighten connections

Damage of isolation of electric chains, leakage of a current on a battery surface

Check a leak current (no more than 0,01 And at the switched-off consumers), clear a battery surface (carefully, acid!)

Low level of electrolit

If there was no electrolit vypleskivaniye, add the distilled water

Internal damages to the battery

Replace the battery

Electrolit on a battery surface

The raised level of electrolit

Select electrolit from battery accumulators a pipette with a rubber pear, clear a battery surface soda solution

Electrolit "boiling" because of a battery recharge (the increased tension in an onboard network)

See. Generator

Electrolit "boiling" because of a strong sulfatatsiya of plates or their short circuit (tension of a charge in norm)

Replace the battery

Cracks on the battery case, are leaky wrapped jams

Wrap jams, clean ventilating openings, the battery with cracks on the case replace