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Cause of defect

Elimination method

Noise in a transmission Noise decreases or disappears if to switch off coupling

Insufficient level of oil in a transmission

Check level, if necessary add oil. Check lack of a leak. If necessary clean or replace сапун

Low viscosity of oil

Replace oil, previously having washed out a box

Wear or damage of bearings, teeths of gear wheels

Replace worn-out bearings of a gear wheel, wash out a box

Transfers join hardly, extraneous noise are absent

Weakening of fastening of forks of gear shifting on rods because of an otvorachivaniye of lock bolts

Tighten bolts of fastening of forks on rods

Agnails on teeths of sliding couplings of synchronizers

Cut agnails

Wear of openings under pins in the lower part of the lever of gear shifting

Replace the lower part of the lever

Coupling is not switched off

See. Coupling

Transfers are spontaneously switched off

Damage or wear of shliyets on the coupling, a gear wheel or a synchronizer nave

Replace faulty details

Bolts of fastening of a transmission to a case of coupling and/or a coupling case to the engine are not tightened

Tighten fastening bolts

Lost elasticity or springs of clamps collapsed, rods are worn-out

Replace faulty details

Noise, crash, squeal of gear couplings at the moment of inclusion of transfers

Coupling is switched off not completely

See. Coupling

There is not enough oil in a transmission

Add oil. Check, whether there is no leak. Clean or replace сапун

Wear or deformation of a ring of the synchronizer of included transfer

Replace a ring

Leakage of oil

Wear of cuffs

Replace cuffs. If necessary clean or replace сапун

Strong wear, corrosion on surfaces of shaft on which edges of cuffs work

Small damages smooth out a fine-grained skin and polish. Establishing a new cuff, it is possible a little недопрессовать it, without allowing a distortion (having if necessary enclosed under it remote washers in thickness to 1 mm) that the edge of a cuff worked by not worn-out part of a shaft. At considerable damages replace shaft and cuffs

Elevated pressure in a transmission because of a contamination сапуна

Clean or replace сапун

Weakened fastenings of cases of a transmission, a forward cover or the case of the lever of gear shifting, laying is damaged

Tighten carving connections. Replace laying (at their installation it is possible to use hermetic)

Case jams are leaky wrapped

Tighten jams

At inclusion of any of transfers (except IV) the torque is not transferred to driving wheels

Landing of gear wheels on intermediate to a shaft weakened

Replace the block of gear wheels

Vibration at movement (see also «Kardannaya transfer, the back bridge, a running gear, a steering and brake system»)

The antifrictional plug of a case of a transmission is worn-out

Replace the plug or a transmission case