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Dismantling of the main heater


We remove a radiator (see. Removal of a radiator of the main heater) and the electrofan (see. Removal of the electrofan of the main heater).
We remove the main heater (see. Removal of the main heater).

Screw-driver we release clips, we disconnect from a casing of a heater of a cover of cables...

... also we remove four drafts from axes a zaslonok.

We remove the control panel and its drafts.

Key «on 10» we turn on a bolt …

… also we remove an arm of fastening of a heater to a body.

Similarly we remove the second arm.

Having hooked a screw-driver, we release four spring clips of fastening of a box of airinflow.

We remove an airinflow box.

Holding the screw with a shlitsevy screw-driver, a key «on 10» we turn on a nut and we remove a loop of fastening of a heater.

Two keys «on 10» we turn on five bolts with the nuts, connecting parts of a casing among themselves...

... also we remove from the case a metal arm of fastening of a safety guard of hoses of a radiator of a heater.

We take out axes two zaslonok …

… or their leads.

We take out from an air line directing lattice.

By screw-driver it is hooked six spring brackets and accurately we separate parts of a casing of a heater, at the same time taking out a bolt of fastening of a radiator.

We remove two zaslonka, taking out from them axes or leads.

Key «on 10» we turn on three nuts …

… also we remove the bottom …

… and top overlays of the electric motor.

Having cleared parts of a casing of a dust, we collect a heater in return sequence.