Sable car GAZ-2752, 2217, 2310>> ventilation and heating System

Ventilation and heating system

Main heater

1–radiator facing;
2–heater radiator;
3–heater casing;
4–bottom zaslonka;
5–axis of the central zaslonka;
6–zaslonka of a box of an air inlet;
7–air inlet box;
8–drafts of a drive of an air zaslonka;

9–electrofan wheel;
10-fan electric motor;
11-top overlay of the electric motor;
12-electric motor cover;
13-bottom overlay of the electric motor;
14-lever of the bottom zaslonka;
15-heater crane;
16-control panel heater.

Airdistribution system

1–left air line;
2–electrofan switch;
3–left air line обдува door glasses;
4–left branch pipe обдува windscreen;
5, 10 – branch pipes of ventilation of salon;
6–handle of a drive of the top zaslonka;
7–handle of switching of a mode of ventilation heating;

8–handle of the crane of a heater;
9–right branch pipe обдува windscreen;
11-right air line обдува door glasses;
12-right air line of ventilation of salon;
13-a taking-away hose of a radiator of a heater;
14-a bringing hose of a radiator of a heater.

Additional heater

1–casing cover;
2–heater casing;
3–heater radiator;
5–flange laying;

7–electric motor flange;
10-electric motor;
11-fan nut;
12-heater arm.

Design description

In a cabin systems of natural and compulsory ventilation are provided.

At natural ventilation air gets to salon of the car at the lowered glasses of doors, and leaves through cracks of internal panels of forward doors, the roof hatch, and also ventilating windows on back racks боковин and movable windows of the bus.

At compulsory ventilation when windows and the roof hatch, external air are closed, without heating up, it is forced in a cabin by the electrofan. For this purpose we transfer the bottom handle to control panels a heater in extreme left situation and we turn on the electrofan. Passing through the case of a heater and passing its radiator, air gets to salon. The direction of streams of air in salon is regulated by rotary nozzles.

Compulsory ventilation should use in hot weather at small speeds of movement and on parking. At movement with a speed over 50 km/h the salon is ventilated and at the switched-off electrofan at the expense of a high-speed pressure of air.

The cabin (salon) is warmed with the warm air arriving from a heater.

External air on a way to a heater passes through a lattice located between a windscreen and a cowl, then arrives in an air line which sharply changes the direction of an air stream (that during a rain water separated from air and on the plastic fillet located in podkapotny space, merged on the road). Further air passes through an air inlet box, a radiator of a heater and (depending on situation the zaslonok) arrives in the central part of the dashboard, or on a windscreen and glasses of doors, or on the specified glasses and in addition in a zone of feet of the driver and passengers.

The heater consists of a plastic casing in which are established a radiator, two centrifugal wheels fixed on a shaft of the electric motor, top, central and bottom a zaslonok and control panels with three levers and switches. On the left side of a casing of a heater the additional resistor providing lowered frequencies of rotation of a shaft of the electrofan is established.

Bringing and taking-away rubber hoses approach to a radiator of a heater. Supply of liquid in a radiator at the open crane of a heater is made from a head of the block of cylinders, and branch goes to the pump of system of cooling of the engine.

For cabin heating by the right top lever of the control panel we open the heater crane, and the bottom lever, moving a zaslonka, we direct arriving air through a heater radiator. At car movement air will arrive in a cabin and at the switched-off fan. At insufficient supply of warm air, and also on parking we turn on the electrofan. As switch turn clockwise we choose one of three operating modes of the electrofan.

For increase of efficiency of heating and especially acceleration of warming up of a cabin in a cold season the retsirkulyatsiya of air of a cabin through a heater radiator is used. At transfer of the left top lever of the control panel of a heater to extreme right situation the top zaslonka blocks receipt in a heater of external air and opens a window of a fence of air from salon. Continuous circulation of "salonny" air through a radiator of a heater promotes its intensive warming up.

Redistribution of streams of air on a cabin is made by the bottom lever of the control panel of a heater. At extreme left position of the lever intake of air to a radiator of a heater is blocked and there is only a salon ventilation. At average situation air arrives on heating of a windscreen and glasses of doors. At extreme right situation air is distributed similarly average position of the lever and in addition arrives in a zone of feet of the driver and passengers.

The right top lever of the control panel is connected by a heater to the crane of a heater and regulates amount of the liquid arriving in a radiator of a heater. At extreme right position of the lever the crane is completely open.

In system of heating of the car with two rows of seats, the bus and the car of an emergency medical service the additional heater is applied. It is established on a floor, in a partition behind a passenger seat of a cabin. At turning on of its electrofan there is a salon air circulation through a radiator of an additional heater. It provides high intensity of warming up of a cabin.

The electrofan of an additional heater has modes of the minimum and maximum frequency of rotation.

The radiator of an additional heater is connected to a radiator of the main heater hoses. They are laid on a floor and protected by a plastic casing.

The second radiator leads to decrease in intensity of circulation of liquid in heating system. Therefore together with an additional heater the electropump is established. It strengthens liquid circulation in system that improves heating of the air passing through radiators of heaters. The electropump is switched on in the drain highway of system of heating and established in a motor compartment on the right longeron of a body.

The electropump turns on the same switch, as the electrofan of an additional heater. At turning on of the electrofan the electropump turns on also.

It is forbidden to turn on the electropump at the closed crane of a heater.