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Windscreen replacement

The cut scheme in a tuba nozzle for glue drawing


For gluing in of glass the special set and the gun adaptation for glue expression from a tuba is used. It is possible to manage and without the adaptation, squeezing out glue the hammer handle.

Work we carry out together.

We remove internal upholsteries of racks of a windscreen (see. Removal of an upholstery of a rack of a windscreen) and facing of the external panel of a front (see. Removal and screen wiper dismantling, replacement of its relay).

By screw-driver it is turned on four самореза fastenings of an external overlay of a rack of a windscreen …

… also we remove a slip.

We remove a sealant from the top edge of glass.

The pricker or thick needle punctured a glutinous seam.

We enter into the made puncture a steel string …

… also we fix by its ends of the handle from improvised materials.

Instead of a string it is possible to use a wire from a welding semiautomatic device.

We pull a string and, working with it as a saw, we cut a glutinous seam on all perimeter of glass.

We work accurately, trying not to damage paint on a body, an upholstery of a ceiling and the dashboard.

Under the bottom edge of a windscreen two rubber emphasis is established. They provide a uniform gap between glass and a body. We keep them at glass removal. They be required at installation new.

Having removed a windscreen, …

… a sharp knife we cut off surpluses of an old glutinous seam, leaving a layer in thickness of 1-2 mm.

For an insert of new glass we use a special set and the gun adaptation for glue expression from a tuba.

We cut off a tip of a nozzle of a pipe, as is shown in drawing.

We put on the top edge of glass a sealant, and on bottom — two rubber emphasis.

We degrease glass edge on that its party which will adjoin to an aperture, and the remained glutinous layer on a window aperture.

We put soil (praymer) on the glass region on its perimeter and on a body aperture.

We squeeze out from a tuba glue on glass edge, having receded from an edge of 6-7 mm.

Glue is put on all perimeter with the continuous roller in height of 10-12 mm.

We put glass to a window aperture, watching uniformity of gaps with interfaced panels of a body and the correct prileganiye of a sealant to body panels.
Having opened doors, we wind several times round cabin racks a tape made of cloth or a cord.

We enclose under a tape two tire chambers.

If a tape thin, in addition we enclose under it wide wooden levels over chambers.

We pump up chambers so that glass densely nestled on an aperture.

Polymerization of glue proceeds some hours (see the instruction attached to glue). During this time the car it is impossible to move, close glasses of doors or to clap them as any increase of pressure of air in salon of the car can cause a glass separation.
Later not less than 6 h we remove chambers and tapes.
We water glass on all perimeter. In case of leakage detection, we eliminate a leak with hermetic.
To maintain the car after an insert of glass it is possible not earlier than in 24 h.