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Cowl removal


We work together with the assistant.

We open a cowl.

Holding a cowl, a key «on 12» we turn on four bolts of fastening of a cowl to loops.

Under heads of bolts spring and flat washers are established.

We remove a cowl.

We establish a cowl, combining loops with traces from them on a cowl. If new, after installation its situation in an aperture is necessary to adjust a cowl. Adjustment we carry out with the removed lock of a cowl (see. Removal of the lock of a cowl and its drive). Having weakened an inhaling of bolts of fastening of a cowl to loops, we lower it and we expose uniform gaps. Having accurately raised a cowl, we tighten bolts then we check correctness of its situation in an aperture.
When opening the cowl should not touch facing of the external panel of a front.
In case of need it is possible to change the provision of a cowl.
For this purpose …

… a key «on 12» we weaken bolts of fastening of loops of a cowl to a body.

Moving loops within cuts, we lower or we lift a back edge of a cowl, achieving the necessary gap.

The provision of a forward edge we regulate, turning or turning on two carving rubber emphasis on the forward panel.

After adjustment of a cowl we mount and its lock (is adjustable see. Removal of the lock of a cowl and its drive).