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Removal of a covering of a floor of salon and flooring of a footboard of a lateral door


We remove all seats of salon and an upholstery боковины from both parties (see appropriate sections).

By crosswise screw-driver it is turned on six саморезов and we remove a plastic cover of the hatch of a flooring of a floor.

By screw-driver it is hooked and we remove plafonds of illumination of a footboard.

We disconnect wires from a plafond.

Tubular key «on 8» we turn on four самореза, and a screw-driver – three screws of fastening of a flooring of a footboard.

We remove a footboard flooring.

Having unscrewed a crosswise screw-driver two самореза, …

… we remove the right overlay of a flooring of a floor and two facings of a threshold of a back door.

We take out four caps of fastenings of a body to a frame …

… and caps of unused fixing carving openings of a floor.

We remove a rug of a floor of salon.

Head «on 10» we turn on the bolts of fastening of a plywood flooring of a floor located on perimeter.

We remove a flooring.

We establish elements of a covering of a floor and a salon upholstery in return sequence.

Good advice

Protection of doors against breaking

Back raspashny doors on "Sable" – a van and the bus – fasten bolts with six-sided heads. Heads of bolts come to light, and malefactors can, having unscrewed them a key, it is easy to get in the car, having removed doors from loops. It is impossible to exclude and possibility of abduction of doors. That it did not happen, weld heads of bolts on loops several drops of welding metal. In need of repair welding can be cut off the ugloshlifovalny machine ("Bulgarian").

It is possible to put instead of regular bolts self-made with "confidential" heads.

The varnished floor

The floor flooring at "Sable" – the bus is made of usual plywood. It is protected by nothing from dampness and at hit of moisture is jarred on, stratified and even becomes covered by a mold. Having taken out all sheets of a flooring, carefully cover them from both parties and on end faces with a parquet varnish of PF (GF) type or simple drying oil. Now water to a floor is not terrible. Cover with an anticorrosive mixture and a steel floor under a flooring.