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Replacement of glasses of a movable door and боковины


It is more convenient to work together.

By Shlitseva a screw-driver it is hooked and we fill for an edge of a window aperture edge of a rubber sealant of glass.

Without taking out a screw-driver from under a sealant, by other screw-driver it is hooked and we fill sealant edge from the begun site in any other party.
Thus we "pass" bottom and lateral faces of an aperture. The first screw-driver can be cleaned after the first 10 cm of a sealant will be filled.

Outside we take away bottom edge of glass from a door. Then, lowering glass, we take out it together with a sealant from an aperture.

We remove from glass a sealant.

We put on a sealant new glass, since corners.

In a sealant cut, since the middle of the lower part, on perimeter we insert a strong thin cord. In a joint of a cord we do нахлест about 10 see.

We insert glass into an aperture, putting on its lower part an aperture edge. We align glass in an aperture.

From within smoothly we extend a cord, thus the assistant outside accurately presses glass and keeps him from shift.

Thus we "pass" at first bottom, and then two lateral faces of glass.

The top part we fill from edges to the middle, "helping" a sealant to sit down on an aperture edge.

If the top edge refueled not completely, we rebuff glass in weak blows the palm basis on a sealant of the top edge of glass in the direction from top to down.