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Window regulator removal


We remove an upholstery of a forward door (see. Removal of an upholstery of a forward door).

We lower glass in average situation and a head «on 10» we turn on two bolts of fastening of glass to the window regulator coulisse.

We lift glass and we fix it (for example, an adhesive tape).

Key «on 10» we turn on three bolts of fastening of a reducer of a window regulator, …

… and also nuts of the top …

… and bottom fastening of a window regulator.

We disconnect draft of the internal handle from the lock (see. Removal of the lock of a forward door).

We take out a window regulator from a door.

We establish a window regulator in return sequence, having greased cables, axes of rollers and a gear wheel of a reducer with any plastic greasing.