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Removal of an upholstery of a forward door


By thin screw-driver it is hooked two caps of the handle of a door.

Head or tubular key «on 10» we turn on two bolts and we remove the handle.

The screw-driver turned on the screw of fastening of the socket of the internal handle of the lock of a door.

Having pulled the handle on itself, we remove the socket.

Having wrung out a hand the rubber socket of the handle of a window regulator, …

... by a pricker or a nail it is squeezed out and we take out from a handle opening a lock pin.

We remove the window regulator handle with the socket.

Having hooked a screw-driver, we remove eight plastic clamps of an upholstery.

We remove an upholstery.

Hooking a knife, carefully not to damage, we remove upholstery laying (it is pasted on hermetic).

We establish an upholstery in return sequence.