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Dashboard removal


We remove upholsteries of racks of a windscreen (see. Removal of an upholstery of a rack of a windscreen).
We remove a steering column (see. Removal and dismantling of a steering column).
We remove a combination of devices (see. Removal of a combination of devices, replacement of lamps).

We disconnect blocks of wires from switches of plafonds of illumination of a cabin and back antifog фонаря*.

We disconnect a block of wires from the electroproof-reader of headlights.

We disconnect from the carburetor draft of an air zaslonka (see. Carburetor removal).
We disconnect a block of wires of the switch of the alarm system or we remove the switch (see. Replacement of the switch of the alarm system).

We disconnect two blocks of wires of the lighter.

Crosswise screw-driver it is turned on two screws of fastening of the control panel by a heater.

Key «on 8» we turn on ten саморезов on a panel contour.

Having a little shifted the panel on itself, we disconnect from deflectors the goffered hoses of air lines.

We remove the panel, extending draft of an air zaslonka of the carburetor from an opening of a board of a motor compartment.

We remove the right and left air lines of a heater (see. Removal of the main heater).

Head «on 8» we turn on two самореза fastenings of a forward overlay of the panel …

… also we remove a slip.

We mount the panel in such sequence. We establish an overlay of the panel. We connect to a heater and we wrap bolts of fastening of the right and left air lines обдува a windscreen. We wrap bolts of their fastening. We establish the dashboard and we wrap on one саморезу its fastenings from the right and left parties.

Hand through an aperture for a radio receiver we connect a rigid air line of the right deflector to a heater.

We connect the goffered hoses of air lines to deflectors обдува glasses of doors. It is more convenient for making through an aperture of a combination of devices and cut in the lower part on the right side of the panel.

Further installation of the panel it is carried out in sequence, return dismantling.

* Depending on updating.