Sable car GAZ-2752, 2217, 2310>> Frame, cabin, body

Frame, cabin, body

Details of a frame and its fastening to a body

1 — cross-pieces;
2 — longerons;
3 — forward support of a body (cabin) *;
4 — average support of a body (back support of a cabin) *;
5 — back support of a body;
6 — nuts;
7,8 — washers;

9,11 — pillows;
10 — arms;
12 — plugs;
13 — bolts;
14 — caps.

* For GAZ-2310.

Design description

The frame of the Sable car consists of longerons of shvellerny, variable section on height which are connected by tubular cross-pieces. To a frame three lamellar cross-pieces which are intended for fastening of the power unit and an intermediate support of kardanny transfer fasten bolts.

The van and bus body – all-metal, has four doors: driver, (their) forward passenger (ов), the movable lateral and folding back. The car of updating of "Barguzin" has a body with a low roof and the unary back door opening up under the influence of gas springs. The body fastens to a frame in eight points through rubber pillows and arms.

Two support are available from a motor compartment.

Four support are located under a floor of salon (cabin).

The cabin of the car of updating GAZ-2310 — three-local, fastens to a frame separately on four support through rubber pillows, and the body in the form of an onboard metal platform is established separately from a cabin on four separate support. The platform has three folding boards (lateral and back) and a wooden flooring of a floor. Awning installation is possible.

The bus cabin – two - or three-local (a van – three - or seven-seater), is executed at the same time with a body. Between a cabin and bus salon (except odinnadtsatimestny) the low partition is established. The partition at vans – the deaf, it completely separates cargo salon from a cabin. By request the partition with movable glass is established.

Buses are issued on six and ten passenger seats. On a part of six-seater buses (Luxury option) is established a folding little table with the lamp. Behind a back row of seats the luggage compartment settles down. Here the spare wheel is placed. Passenger seats of three - and seven-seater vans – dual. All seats are equipped with seat belts. The seat of the driver is regulated on height and a tilt angle of a pillow, a back and longitudinal moving. Passenger seats – noncontrollable (except updating "Luxury").

The flooring of a floor of salon is executed from plywood and covered with a synthetic material. Furnish of a cabin and salon can differ depending on updating and a complete set. The body is painted by enamel, processed from within by anti-vibration mastic and pasted over with shumoizoliruyushchy panels. Demountable elements of a body (cabin): wings, bumpers, cowl, doors, slips, hatch of a mouth of a fuel tank, lattice of facing of a radiator, salon equipment.

Doors of the driver and forward passengers are equipped with opuskny glasses, glasses of windows of back passengers and a back door – motionless. Glass of forward passengers of salon, and also a movable door can be movable or motionless, depending on updating. The windscreen is pasted in a body aperture. On a part of cars in a roof the transparent hatch is established.

Two rear-view mirrors are outside established.