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Generator 9422.3701

1–back bearing;
2–vypryamitelny block;
3–contact rings;
8–holder of the bearing;
10-back cover;

14-stator winding;
15-forward cover;
16-rotor shaft;
20-forward bearing;
21-rotor winding;

The car with the ZMZ-4063 engine is completed with generators 9422.3701 or 2502.3771.

The generator – the three-phase synchronous electric car with electromagnetic excitement and the built-in rectifier on silicon diodes. The rotor of the generator is given in rotation from a pulley of a cranked shaft of the engine by a poliklinovy belt.

Stator and covers of the generator are pulled together with four screws. The shaft of a rotor rotates in the bearings established in covers. Greasing in bearings is put for all term of their service. The back bearing напрессован on a rotor shaft. The forward bearing is established from the interior of a forward cover. The back part of the generator is closed by a plastic casing.

In a generator stator – two three-phase windings executed on the scheme "star" and connected in parallel each other. The rectifier – the bridge scheme, consists of six power restrictive diodes or usual (on a part of generators). They are pressed in two podkovoobrazny aluminum plates holders. On one of plates also there are three additional diodes through which the winding of excitement of the generator after engine start-up eats.

On a rotor the winding of excitement of the generator is located. Conclusions of a winding are soldered to two copper contact rings on a rotor shaft. A food is brought to them through two coal brushes. Shchetkoderzhatel is structurally incorporated with a tension regulator.

Tension regulator not folding, at failure it replace.

For protection of the electronic equipment of the car against tension impulses in ignition system, and also for decrease in a radio noise between a conclusion «+» and "mass" of the generator the condenser is established.

Windings of the generator and the vypryamitelny block are cooled with a krylchatka of the fan through windows in covers.

Technical characteristics of the generator 9422.3701

Tension nominal, In
Maximum current, And
Adjustable tension, In

Resistance of a winding of excitement, Ohm