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Control devices

The scheme of an arrangement of lamps of illumination of devices, signaling devices and blocks of wires on a combination of devices (a look from the inside)

1–signaling device of a reserve of fuel;
2–X1 socket;
3, 10, 13, 18 – lamps of illumination of devices;
5–signaling device of inclusion of a driving beam;
6–a signaling device of an overheat of cooling liquid;
7–signaling device of inclusion of dimensional light;
8–X2 socket;

11-X3 socket;
12-signaling device of emergency pressure of oil;
14-signaling device of insufficient level of brake liquid and turning on of the parking brake;
15-reserve signaling device;
16-signaling device of inclusion of indexes of turn;
17-signaling device of malfunction of the generator.

On the dashboard the combination of devices which unites in one case is established: a speedometer (with counters of the general and daily run); tachometer; indexes of temperature of cooling liquid, fuel level (with a signaling device of a reserve of fuel), pressure of oil (with a signaling device of emergency pressure); voltmeter; the block of signaling devices (a charge of the storage battery, a driving beam of headlights, indexes of turn, dimensional light, emergency falling of level of brake liquid and the parking brake, an overheat of cooling liquid.