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Screen wiper and windscreen washer

The cleaner of a windscreen consists of a motor-reducer, driving levers and brushes. The cleaner electric motor – two-high-speed, trekhshchetochny, with excitement from constant magnets. For protection against overloads in it the thermobimetallic safety lock, and for decrease in a radio noise – condensers and throttles is established.

The cleaner has three operating modes, they join the right podrulevy switch. The faltering mode is provided to the PC431-B relays established under the dashboard on the left side. The relay should provide turning on of the electric motor with frequency 12±6 cycles in a minute at tension 12±2 Century.

At cleaner work on small speed in a constant mode the supply voltage is brought to opposite brushes. At cleaner work on the maximum speed «+» a food it is brought to a brush located sideways.

It is recommended to replace a faulty motor-reducer new (cleaning of contacts of the trailer switch and replacement of gear wheels is possible). Pognutye levers is corrected.

The washer of a windscreen consists of a polyethylene tank with the electric pump, nozzles with electroheating and flexible connecting hoses.

The washer joins the right podrulevy switch, thus a food moves on the electric motor of the pump of a washer.

At malfunction of the pump we replace it. The got littered nozzles can be blown the compressed air or to clean a scaffold.

Technical characteristics of a screen wiper

Screen wiper type

60.5205 or 70.5205
Number of double courses in a minute:
  • on small speed, no more
  • at great speed, not less
Effort of a clip of brushes to glass, kgf
Consumed current, And