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Replacement of podrulevy switches


We remove a steering wheel and casings of a steering column (see. Removal and dismantling of a steering column).

By Shlitseva a screw-driver it is turned on two screws of fastening of the switch of indexes of turn and light of headlights.

We remove the switch and, disconnecting wires from its conclusions, we sketch or we write down an order of their connection. It is possible, serially disconnecting wires, at once to connect them to conclusions of the new switch.

Switches can be changed assembled with wires. For this purpose we remove a combination of devices (see. Removal of a combination of devices, replacement of lamps).

We disconnect blocks of wires from the corresponding switch …

… also we take out it through an aperture between the dashboard and a steering column.

The switch of a cleaner, washer of a windscreen and sound signal we replace similarly.