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Podrulevye switches

Scheme of operation of podrulevy switches

and – the left switch of indexes of turn, light of headlights (a sound signal):

I–the passing beam of headlights (if the handle of the central switch of light is extended against the stop) is included;
II – included a driving beam of headlights (if the handle of the central switch of light is extended against the stop);
V or III – is included the left turn;
VI or IV – is included the right turn. After the completion of turn the switch automatically comes back to situation I or II.
And – unstable position of the lever for short-term inclusion of the index of turn.
When moving lever from situation I on itself the driving beam of headlights while the lever keeps in this situation joins.

The sound signal (option 1) joins in pressing of the button of the lever from any situation.

– the right switch of a screen wiper, a stekloomyvatel (a sound signal):

0–the screen wiper is switched off;
I–small speed of a screen wiper is included;
II – included a high speed of a screen wiper;
III – the screen wiper works falteringly.

For the switch without a sound signal (option 1) lever moving on itself (on an arrow) from situation 0 quickly joins a washer and a screen wiper.

For the switch with a sound signal (option 2) the washer and a screen wiper quickly join lever moving from situation 0 from itself (on an arrow B).

The sound signal joins lever moving from any situation on itself (on an arrow C).
The washer and signal can be included at any position of the lever.

On the car apply two podrulevy switches, established on a steering column. On a part of cars the sound signal joins the switch of indexes of turn and light of headlights, and on a part — the screen wiper and stekloomyvatel switch.